Expedition Truck Sold

Big enough for comfort, small enough to be able to get to most places. Comfort for us means a decent bed and a shower/toilet of our own. It is a 1987 Mercedes 1625, which started its career as a tipper. Hein & Bernadette converted it to a unique expedition vehicle, with one important guideline: Simple, strong and logical. And we've found it's been very well thought out.

Walkaround / walkthrough (via youtube) :

It has very few electrical needs: a fridge, a waterpump, some LED-lighting, and charging laptops, phones and cameras; what more do you need? We get our electricity from solar panels, carry 500 liters of filtered water, and have a range between 2000-2400 km.

Lots of storage space, with spares, bikes, jacks, tools, booze and anything you could think of...

Just before starting the conversion:

camperunit is removable:

Interior pics:

Exterior pics:

A truly proven reliable fully equipped expedition vehicle, including offroad motorcycle. Simple technology, no computer-controlled engine and built to last. No fragile composites, just steel and aluminium. During the last trip, Transafrica, zero technical difficulties.


Sleeps 4 (2+2) or 3 adults.
Total length: 7,95 mtrs
Length of camperunit: 5,5 mtrs
Length of vehicle minus sparetires and motorcycle: 6,75 mtrs

1987 Mercedes 1625AK, 4x4 expedition vehicle. 8-cylinder, 14,6 liter, 250BHP, 184kW, torque 932Nm between 1050-1500 rpm.
Air-engaged difflocks on rear and centre axles. 6-ton hydraulic winch with 14mm 60 mtrs steel cable, delivering 6-ton at front and 12-ton at rear. 30 mtrs remote operating range.
6-speed gearbox with splitter and terrainreduction. 4 new Goodyear MV/T 20"tubeless tires on Michelin split-rim hubs, and 2 spare tires.
4 adjustable koni shockabsorbers
2 air-suspension seats (Isri (passenger) and ASS (driver))
Airconditioning in cabin
Cabin can be equipped for third seat (truck is registered for three seats)
Elevated air-intake with cyclonefilter
Heated extra-wide mirrors.
4 ridiculously powerful high-beams on roof


Aluminium unit with 6cm isolation.
Interior dimensions: 5,10 x 2,40 x 1,90
Total vehicle dimensions: 7,95 x 2,55 x 3,50
Living space plan: Kitchen, bathroom, seating area, bed.
3 Seitz top-hinged windows with mosquito-netting and sunscreen. 2 Seitz hinged roofhatches with mosquito-netting and sunscreen.
Shower equipped with thermal faucet, heater, porselain WC, Gabo roofhatch, clothes-drying rack and escapehatch to front.
Main entrance has integrated mosquito-net.
Seating area 90cm wide and convertible to bed for 2 children or 1 adult.
Bed 200 x 140cm with Auping mattress. 2 sides of sleeping area have storage space unto ceiling.
Safe bolted to chassis. 2 semi-traction batteries (2013), 230aH each. 1 195W 24V Sanyo solar panel with 30A Solar Boost Blue Sky regulator.
Victron charger dedicated to semitraction batteries. Batteries also charged by truck during driving using diodes. Truck dynamo adapted for this use. Solar panels charge truck-batteries when truck is not in use.
Large awning on roofrails and smaller awning on side.
Motorola 9555 Iridium Satellite phone with Beam Satdock, exteral antenna, cabin handset and extra cabin handset in front.
Roof can be used as bed or gamespotting area.

Light colors used for spatial impression, sides finished in wood. WC (110 x 80cm) with ship-wc and heater, trespa walls covered in polyester. Flooring in Vynil. Tivoli radio, Waeco tri-gas detector. Interior and exterior temperature gauge.

Placed in corner, 130 x 90cm with Reginox 1,5 flush sink.
2 drawers, 4 cabinets for storage
big drawer under bench
Propane cooker with 3 burners. Vitrifrigo 133liter fridge with freezer.
Hot and cold drinking water.
24V Waeco waterboiler.

2 tanks under bed (250 ltr each) with level indicator. Waterfiltering 1) before entering tank via ceramic filter and 2) when used a second ceramic filter, carbon filter, and UV-filter.
Watewater: greywater is stored in 100ltr tank. Blackwater stored in 80ltr tank. Showerwater is stored in 25ltr tank and used to flush WC.

8 flushmounted LED lights, 2 fluorescent lights in WC/shower, 2 LED's in kitchen. LED reading light in seating area, can be bent towards bed.

Diesel-powered 9,1kW Webasto central heating system. Radiator and thermostat in seating area, ventilator heating under seating area, radiator in shower. Heater also used to make hot water for kitchen.

1999 Yamaha TW (Trailway) 125, low mileage and horsepower. May exceed 90km/h on a good day. Lightweight (110kg) with extra-wide tires. Electric starter and silly shoppingbasket behind pillion. Mounted on rear of truck using custom rack and 24V winch. Rack easily adaptable to other motorcycles.

1. under seating area (driver side), exterior access containing:
1.1 campingtable, 2 chairs, footstools and minitable
1.2 plastic crate with lid with bbq, Coleman fuel-stove, Coleman portable oven
1.3 six plastic crates with spareparts and general storage
2. under bed (driver side) exterior storage containing:
2.1 two Dahon folding bicycles
2.1 two hydraulic jacks (12 ton minumum)
2.2. four plastic crates for general storage
2.3 Towingstrap, awnings, waterhose
3. under bed (passenger side) exterior storage containing:
3.1 two 11kg propane tanks in seperate ventilated space (for kitchen burners)
3.2 Victron power converter 24v-220v (350watt)
3.3 Waterfilters
3.4 general storage and lots and lots of tools in plastic crates
4. in living area:
4.1 storage under step to bed
4.2 real wall behind bed containing 7 cabinets
4.3 sidewall next to bed containing 4 cabinets
4.4 under window next to entrance 4 cabinets
4.5 laptopstorage under front bench
4.6 large storage under rear bench
4.7 several hidden nooks and crannies